461: Thresholds

Maps (or a graphs if the Y-data are index format ) of the thresholds used to define above- and below-normal are shown. By default the thresholds are calculated as the terciles from the climatological period, but can be reset using Options ~ Tailoring . (Using absolute thresholds will result in maps with the same value everywhere. The map titles can be changed by right-clicking on the image and then selecting the Customise ~ Title option. The image can be exported as a graphics file. A default name is given to the graphics file, but this name can be changed using the browse button. The image quality for all the graphics formats can be improved by increasing the size of the image (see Options ~ Graphics ~ Graph Scaling ). The thresholds can be saved as data by using the Climatologies tab in File ~ Output Results .

There is some flexibility to adjust the colour scaling: the colour bar limits can be set by right-clicking on the image and then selecting the Customise ~ Contour Limits option, and/or the number of colours can be set by selecting the Customise ~ Number of Colours option. In the case of index data, the graph Y-axis limits can be set using the Customise ~ Axis Limits option, and the number of tick marks can be set using the Customise ~ Number of Tick Marks option. Further options for customising the graphics, including adjusting the size of the fonts, and the size of the images, plus masking of land or lake areas for the maps are available from Options ~ Graphics .

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