Number of Tick Marks

The number of tick marks on the Y-axis can be set to any value 2 or larger. The Customise ~ Number of Tick Marks menu item can be activated by right-clicking on the graphic. Select the relevant graphic (if prompted) and set the desired number of tick marks. The tick-mark levels will be reset automatically using the current Axis Limits , whether they have been set by the user or set automatically. The tick marks will be set to divide the axis evenly. For example, if the axis limits are 0.5 and -0.5 (so that the axis interval is 1.0), and you set the number of tick marks to 11, CPT will set tick marks at every 0.1, which divides the interval of 1.0 to 10, and yields 11 tick marks because there is a mark at each end point.

If the Y-data are discrete, the tick mark intervals are forced to be discrete and so the requested number of tick marks may not be exactly as requested.

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