The graphics can be exported into a graphics file by using the right mouse button, and selecting one of the following graphics file formats:

  • JPEG;
  • BMP;
  • GIF;
  • PCX;
  • PNG;
  • EMF;
  • SVG.

The image quality for all the graphics formats can be improved by increasing the size of the image (see Options ~ Graphics ~ Graph Scaling ). The graphics scaling may need to be reset after the export in order to avoid making the screen graphics too large.

The quality of the JPEG file can also be adjusted using the slider or by the quality indicator, which ranges between 0.01 and 1.00. The highest quality is obtained using 1.00. The size of the JPEG file is affected by the quality chosen, with larger files being generated the higher the selected quality.

The SVG format is currently available only for some of the graphics. An advisory message is issued if the selected graphic is unavailable in this format.

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