Saving the Settings

Once all the settings have been defined correctly, it may be worth saving them so that they can be accessed quickly at a later time. The settings can be saved in a Project File, which is normally stored in the PROJECTS subdirectory. To save the settings, use the File ~ Save or File ~ Save As menu item, and provide a Project File name when prompted. The name of the Project File will then appear in the title of the CPT Window. This file can be re-opened using the File ~ Open menu item from the CPT Window or from the Title Window when CPT is started.

The Project File is given an extension of .CPT. The file will contain information about whether the latest analysis options were for Canonical Correlation Analysis or Principal Components Regression or Multiple Linear Regression, and CPT will change to the respective window if necessary (which will be indicated by a change in the window title and activation of appropriate menu items). Up to CPT version 10, separate project file extensions were provided depending on the analysis type: i.e., the extension was either .CCA, .PCR, or .MLR (the GCM option was only introduced in version 11). These old project files can be viewed by clicking on "Files of type" at the bottom of the Open CPT Project Files window. However, only project files from CPT version 9 onwards are readable. Version 10 project files should be readable without any problems, but version 9 project files will require any input files to be reopened using the browse buttons.

When using File ~ Open from the Title Window, a list of available Project Files will be shown. By default, only project files with the .CPT extension will be seen, but CCA, PCR, and MLR can be viewed and opened as described above. Only the respective Project Files will be viewable when using File ~ Open from the CCA, PCR, or MLR CPT Windows.

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