437: Verification - Skill Map / Bar Chart

The verification window provides a map (if the Y data are in gridded or station format) or a bar chart (otherwise) of a specific probabilistic performance measure for all series at once. Graphics for the desired score can be shown by selecting the appropriate button. If the Probabilistic Forecast Verification option is not being used, maps of scores for deterministic retroactive and double cross-validated hindcasts can be viewed from the Validation menu item.

The map title can be reset by right-clicking on the image and then selecting the Customise option. Further options for customising the maps, including masking lakes or land areas, resetting the size of the fonts and of the image itself, are available from Options ~ Graphics .

The scores can be saved by right-clicking on the map. The map itself can be saved as a graphics file by right-clicking anywhere in the child window and selecting Export from the pop-up menu. A default name is given to the graphics file, but this name can be changed using the browse button. The image quality for all the graphics formats can be improved by increasing the size of the image (see Options ~ Graphics ~ Graph Scaling ).

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