411: Validation - Performance Measures

The validation window provides a variety of forecast performance scores together with a graph of forecast (green line) and observed (red line) values, and ROC graphs for the above- (red line) and below-normal (blue line) categories. The categorical measures and the ROC graphs are based on three categories (see Contingency Tables for further details on the definitions of the categories). Scores and graphs are shown for one series at a time. Verification for the desired series can be shown by setting the appropriate number at the top left of the validation window. A series that has been omitted in the calculations will be skipped.

The y-axis limits on the hindcasts plot can be set by right-clicking on the image and then selecting the Customise ~ Hindcasts ~ Y-Axis Limits option. The maximum and minimum values on the y-axis are indicated and can be reset. Resetting these axis limits will in turn automatically reset the tick-mark interval and number of tick marks. Greater flexibility for setting the tick marks is planned for future releases. Further options for customising the graphs, including adjusting the size of the fonts, and the size of the images, are available from Options ~ Graphics .

The graphs can be saved as graphics files by right-clicking anywhere in the child window and selecting Export from the pop-up menu. A default name is given to the graphics file, but this name can be changed using the browse button. The image quality for all the graphics formats can be improved by increasing the size of the image (see Options ~ Graphics ~ Graph Scaling ).

Further details are available under Viewing results .

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