145: Save As Parameter File

The current CPT settings can be saved as a Parameters File, which can then subsequently be used as input to the batch version of CPT. This menu item toggles between the option to save as a Parameters File or as a Project File. To save the program settings it is necessary to use File ~ Save or File ~ Save As .

The saved parameter file contains only the current settings, and does not store a history of changes. As a result, this option is unsuitable for recording a set of experiments that are rerun with different options. If the parameter file is saved when a project file has been opened, only settings that have been modified will be saved and all other settings will be left as their respective default values. However, if a project file has not been opened (including if a project file is currently open only because it has been created by File ~ Save or File ~ Save As ), all settings that can be changed will be saved.

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