Viewing the Results

The Tools menu item becomes accessible as soon as the calculations are complete. This item allows you to view various results. A variety of results are available:

  • Validation metrics for the model, and graphics for the cross-validated and, if produced, the retroactive forecasts, including correlations, error statistics, hit scores, relative operating characteristics (ROC), scatter plots of forecasts versus observations, contingency tables, and maps of various skill measures;
  • Verification of retroactive probabilistic forecasts, including reliability and ROC diagrams, and "Weather Roulette" results.
  • Models graphical presentations of the X, Y and CCA modes including scree plots, and maps or bar charts of spatial loadings, and Regression equations if the PCR MLR , or GCM option is used;
  • Climatological Maps , of averages, measures of variability, tercile thresholds, and teleconnections, plus maps of the input data for individual years;
  • Forecast permitting forecasts to be made and viewed using new independent data.

It is possible to have open various results windows simultaneously, but note that if a duplicate results window is opened, the first becomes dormant. So for example, it is possible to have a scree plot and a skill map open at the same time, but if a second skill map is opened the results in the first skill map will no longer be available. There are two effects of this restriction: if a new series or station is selected in the invalidated window, the results will be shown in the new window; if a graphic is saved from the dormant window the corresponding new graphic will be saved instead. Note that for some of the graphics, the data is generated in temporary workspace that may get deleted when a new results window is open, so it is recommended that the graphic and data be saved prior to opening new windows. Note also that it is possible for some of the printed output in a duplicate old results window to be updated without the graphs themselves being updated. The effect can be misleading, and so it is generally recommended that duplicate windows not be opened.

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