5141: Text Scaling

The Text Scaling menu permits the user to modify the size of the text used to format the CPT Windows. To modify the font sizes on the graphics, use Options ~ Graphics ~ Font Scaling . CPT attempts to set a default font size based on your screen resolution and Windows OS version, but occasionally the input file panels in the results window are inappropriately sized, or the panels may be poorly formatted. Try adjusting the font scaling to correct for these problems. For example, if the input file panels are too small, try increasing the font scaling, or if they are too big then try decreasing the scaling. This option is only available from the CPt title page, and so you will have to close down CPT from the input window and restart to test new scalings.

Please send an email to cpt@iri.columbia.edu if you are unable to format the CPT window adequately. Please send a screen shot indicating the poor formatting, as well as information about your screen resolution and Windows OS version.

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