5142: Console Sizing

The Console Window indicates the actions that CPT is taking, as well as various information messages such as changes to the climatological period, and the mode optimisation results. The console window starts immediately beneath the "Actions" label somewhere around the left middle of the main CPT window. CPT attempts to size the console Window so that it filles the remaining part of the screen, and a vertical and horizontal slider bar should appear at the right and bottom of the window (although one or both may disappear temporarily before any text is output to the console). The Console menu item allows the user to resize the console in case it is inappropriately sized. The console window size is measured in average default text size, but the text that CPT uses to format the main window may have been rescaled it may take a little trial and error to estimate the necessary adjustments. Fractional units are not permitted. To increase the size of the console window use positive values, and to decrease the size use negative values. If you cannot view the scroll bars at all, the console window is likely to have been set too large, try setting negative size adjustments. If there is space below and/or to the right of the slider bars, try setting positive adjustments.

This option is available only from the title window.

Please send an email to cpt@iri.columbia.edu if you have to adjust the console window size. Please include a screen shot indicating the poor formatting, as well as information about your screen resolution and Windows OS version, in addition to the adjustments that you made. We will attempt to provide a better default sizing in a future release of CPT.

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