801: Merge

The Merge menu item provides a means of combining data files so that multiple predictors can be used, for example. Currently, the option will only allow the merging of datasets of similar structure (gridded, station, or index), but the datasets do not have to be the same size. So, it is possible to merge two gridded datasets that are for different domains and at different resolutions, but it is not possible to merge a gridded dataset with an index dataset. If you merge two copies of the same dataset, it is then possible to select separate domains.

The Merge option will prompt for the two datasets to be combined. The file details will show up both on the merge window and on the main CPT window, but should be ignored on the main window - the distinction between the X and the Y file is irrelevant, and these files will be closed once the merging is complete. Appropriate start dates should be selected: almost invariably the start dates should be the same for both files, or at least close. If the start dates are not to be the same it is recommended that the file with the earlier start date be opened as the first file.

When the data from both files have been read, the user will be prompted for a new file name for the merged data.

The Merge option is only available if the X and Y files are both closed; in addition, it cannot be accessed from the CPT title screen.

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